I am a PhD student at the Laboratoire de Mathématiques Raphaël Salem (LMRS) placed at the university of Rouen in Normandy (more precisely here).

I am working on reaction-diffusion equations on a field-road space which model in population dynamics an increased speed of motion of individuals along a certain axis (the road) compared to the rest of the space (the field)...
My researches are lead under the supervision of Matthieu Alfaro.

You will find the list of my publications and preprints here.

New features on the website:
The field-road diffusion model, fundamental solution and asymptotic behavior (published in JDE)
A poster on the pure diffusive field-road system
A presentation on the basic use of AutoHotKey
LaTeX Assistant
• New Field-Road simulations here and there!

My background in a fiew words:
2021 - today: PhD thesis in mathematics, at the University of Rouen
2018 - 2021: Master's Degree in mathematics, at the University of Rouen
2015 - 2018: Bachelor Degree in mathematics at the University of Rouen